Engine 61

Engine 61

The Board of Trustee’s approved the bid from Alexis Fire to build Towanda’s newest Engine. The new Engine 61 is due to arrive late spring/mid-summer of 2018. The new Engine 61 is built on a used 2007 Spartan chassis with a new Alexis rescue/pumper style box. The total cost will be around $429,000.00. Engine 61 will be a 6-man cab with 1,250 gallons of water and will have a Waterous 1,250 gallon per minute pump. Engine 61 can also serve as a water tender and is capable of dumping its 1,250 gallons of water through its rear mounted Newton Quick Dump in under 90 seconds. Engine 61 will have three 200 feet 1 3/4 inch pre-connect speed-lays and 200 feet of 2½ inch pre-connect speed-lay. Engine 61 will have 800 feet of 4½ inch and 600 feet of 3 inch fire hydrant supply line. Engine 61 also carries two 6 inch hard suction hose for drafting water from ponds or creeks in the rural areas. Engine 61 carries six SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) and nine spare SCBA bottles. It has a 2,000 gallon portable water tank, a 10 KW generator, and a 15 foot light tower. Engine 61 will have one 35 foot extension ladder, one 12 foot roof ladder, and one folding attic ladder. Other equipment on Engine 61 is a truck mounted deluge (deck) gun which is capable of putting out 250 gallons of water a minute. Engine 61 will also have a full set of extrication tools.

Engine 61 Construction at Alexis Fire

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